Hanka Gregusova Jazz Band

Dienstag, 25.11.2014 (20:30 - 23:45) @ Reigen Live


Gabriel Jonas, piano

Tomas Baros, double bass

Marian Sevcik, drums

Hanka Gregušová is one of the most striking singing sensations of Slovak music scene. She started singing pop and rock music when she was only 15 years old. But it was never her ambition to become a pop singer. She has been much more attracted to the world of soul & jazz music and the first taste of it she got during her stay in U.S.A. When she returned back to Slovakia she started to perform with excellent jazz musicians like Gabriel Jonáš, Ľubo Šrámek, etc. During this period she has done countless concerts in various music clubs that helped her to develop her vocal skills as well as shaped her musical directions. Now she put all that experience into her debut album Reflections of my soul.
Das Programm von Hanka Gregusova im Reigen wird eine Mischung aus Titeln ihrer neuen CD "Essence" - mit Bearbeitungen von traditionellen Liedern ihrer slovakischen Heimat und weiteren Songs aus dem Bereich Jazz und Soul sein.