John Abercrombie Quartet

Mittwoch, 16.10.2013 (20:30 - 23:45) @ Reigen Live


John Abercrombie/guitar

Marc Copland/piano

Drew Gress/bass

Joey Baron/drums

John Abercrombie spielte das letzte Mal bei der legendären Fernsehaufzeichnung des Kenny Wheeler Quartets 1990 im Reigen! Die Aufzeichnung ist übrigens kürzlich vollständig auf Youtube aufgetaucht.

Not since the legendary pairing of Bill Evans and Jim Hall has their been such a guitar-piano collaboration. Both men are recognized as innovators who continue to push the boundaries of the music, while maintaining their firm connection to the jazz tradition. In Drew Gress and Joey Baron they have found a like-minded rhythm team.

"The fluid rapport that comes only with longtime acquaintance." ---NY Times
“interaction and communication at the highest level.” ---Der Sonntag
“Very absorbing” ---the Guardian
“Inspiring examples of the art of communication practiced at the highest level.” ---Jazz Station.co
“Anybody who's got ears can hear the beautiful integrity of his improvisations,and how incredibly well he plays the electric guitar. Right now, he's playing better than he ever has.” --John Scofield on John Abercrombie

ALBUM 39 STEPS will be out on ECM in October!