LT.STITCHIE – Jamaica’s Iconic Explosive Dancehall Artist live!

Samstag, 12.03.2016 (23:30 - 04:00) @ Reigen Live

Described as the LEXICON of Reggae and Dancehall Music when it comes to writing lyrics, this gifted lyrical genius with a superb and unique style combined with a powerful delivery and performance that makes his music stood up ! His amazing abilities only get better by the minute !
The Governor, like the great Reggae Ambassadors before him and the great characters of the bible, pursues his mandate with even a greater passion and unrelenting devotion, than in the days when he became king of the dancehall Stereo One sound system as Lt ; Stitchie, the Governor !
Since his rise to the fame in the late 1980’s, he has been touring extensively as a headline rat various Reaggae Music Festivals and Concerts globally and this only intensified when he made the transition to a new life ! Although not one to revel in awards and take any praise unto himself, nevertheless, the excellence of this living Reggae and Dance Hall Legend, Reggae Icon and Ambassador for Christ has been recognized nationally and internationally since the release of his very first Album, « wear Yu Size », by various awarding bodies too numerous to start naming !
We are happy he is on european tour for now and we can welcome him on stage on 12. MARCH 2016 at Reigen live !

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