The Nighthawks

Dienstag, 01.10.2013 (20:30 - 23:45) @ Reigen Live


Mark Wenner: Harmonica and Vocals

Johnny Castle: Bass Guitar and Vocals

Paul Bell: Lead Guitar and Vocals

Mark Stutso: Drums and Vocals

The Nighthawks were formed in 1972 by harp player and vocalist Mark Wenner and guitarist Jimmy Thackery. After numerous changes in personnel, the line-up would solidify in 1974 with the addition of bassist Jan Zukowski and drummer Pete Ragusa. Basing their early sound on the classic Chicago blues of legends like Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf, the band fast found an eager audience performing on a thriving D.C. music scene that included talents like guitarists Roy Buchanan and Danny Gatton.