VEDAN KOLOD - Russland

Mittwoch, 28.09.2016 (20:30 - 23:00) @ Reigen Live

VEDAN KOLOD shows the musical culture of ancient and medieval Russia, when instrumental music was closely intertwined with the vocal tradition with bmodern acoustic arrangement. Master Valery Naryshkin restores rare Slavic instruments such as the war horn, hornpipe, bagpipes, drums, gusli, hurdy-gurdy and others. VEDAN KOLOD has wide experience of concerts and festivals in Russia and Europe (Germany, Macedonia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, Holland, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, France, Malaysia and etc.)

VEDAN KOLOD released 6 albums in CD-format (“Tribes” 2005, “The dance of the wood spirits” 2007, “Wolf’s path” 2008, "The curve of the road" 2010, "The Tale of Igor's Campaign" 2011 and Gorodische 2014) and three international compilations with folk bands. Also VEDAN KOLOD ran its own folk program in Moscow Folkradio and made a soundtrack for a cartoon «Сказхотанского ковра. The Hotan Carpet Tale» as well as many other pieces for movies and clips.