'Brazilian Sessions' with Clara Valente and Beatrice Mason
Brasilianische Nacht

Samstag, 17.10.2015 (20:30 - 01:00) @ Reigen Live

2 junge Sängerinnen der neuen brasilianischen Musikströmungen präsentieren sich erstmals in Europa!
'Brazilian Sessions' at Reigen Live with Clara Valente and Beatrice Mason
The two talented Brazilian singers will host a special concert at Reigen Live on Saturday, 17 October. Jazz, blues, bossa nova and afrobeat with world beats and rhythms. A vibrant and eclectic musical performance from Rio de Janeiro to Vienna.
Clara Valente brings her ‘Mil Coisas’ tour to Vienna
Clara Valente, a singer-songwriter from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, released her debut album titled ‘Mil Coisas' in January 2014. Her repertoire showcases a vibrant and eclectic musical performance, flowing from afrobeat to tango rhythms with crossover aesthetics of Brazilian regional traditions and electronica. A great blend of bossa nova, samba and jazz with world beats and rhythms.
In order to reach the textures of ‘Mil Coisas’, Clara counted with the talent of seasoned musicians like Stephan San Juan, Donatinho, Alberto Continentino, Jam da Silva and Mauricio Pacheco, also responsible for the musical direction. After seamlessly integrating sounds from around the globe, her debut album was nominated for various music awards and won ‘Best Album of the Year’ twice. Most importantly, it was considered the third best of 2015 by UOL Music, an influential and popular website in Brazil, next to the work of acclaimed Brazilian artists such as Gilberto Gil and Maria Bethania.

Beatrice Mason
Brazilian blues and jazz artist Beatrice Mason has gained a great deal of attention from Europe and the US due to her first album ‘Mosaico’. One of her popular songs, ‘Samba Mínimo’, has been remixed by Steve Last, who worked as a re-mixer for Christina Aguillera, Paloma Faith, Serj Tankian among other names.
Right out of the box, ‘Mosaico’ charted several stations. As a result of her success, she came to the attention of ex-Motown Producer, Michael B. Sutton, a renown writer/producer (Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson) who produced the first remixes from ‘Mosaico’, the Suzanne Vega track, ‘Caramel’.

* First concert: Clara Valente
Clara Valente: vocals
Mauricio Pacheco: electric guitar, bass and musical direction
Guilherme Gautreaux: drums and programming
* Second concert: Beatrice Mason
Beatrice Mason: vocals
Mauricio Pacheco: electric guitar