Nathaniel Peterson & Twin Dragons Livestream!!

Donnerstag, 03.12.2020 (19:00 - 20:00) @ Reigen Live


Nathaniel Peterson . vox/bass ( Savoy Brown/Hubert Sumlin/Keith Richards)

Nazzareno Zacconi - guitar (Doogie White/Jennifer Batten)

Archelao Macrillo' - drums ( Uli Jon Roth).

Diese Abschiedstournee von Nathaniel Peterson verläuft anders als geplant...er ist aber unterwegs und möchte diesen livestream gerne machen!

Nathaniel Peterson, geboren in Memphis/Tennessee stand bereits als Halbwüchsiger mit großen Musikern wie Mitch Ryder, Rusty Day, Tim Buckley, Howlin Wolf, Iggy Pop und Don Davis, sowie mit vielen anderen auf der Bühne und erlangte eine extreme musikalische Flexibilität. Gegen Ende der 90er Jahre lud ihn Kim Simmonds ein, bei den legendären Savoy Brown als Sänger und Bassist mitzuspielen.

NATHANIEL PETERSON is born in Memphis Tennessee. He began playing bass at a very young age. Confident with his proviency he began playing and jamming with some of the 60’s greatest artists around the USA such as Mitch RydRusty Day, Jim McCartey, Tim Buckley, Jimmy Reed, Howlin Wolf, Iggy Pop an Don Davis to name a few. He was never content to play only one style of music and demonstrated early on his ability to be extremely fexible as to form and content. In the late 90’s he toured for five years as the lead singer/bassist of Savoy Brown. 2005 Nathaniel was nominated for the grammy award thanks his voice present on 3 tracks of the Hubert Sumlin album “About them shoes” with Keith Richards (Rolling Stones) and Eric Clapton playing guitars.
He comes with the italian guitar player Nazzareno Zacconi.