Freitag, 17.06.2022 (20:30 - 23:45) @ Reigen Live

Tanghetto is an electrotango band that was formed in Buenos Aires and isone of the leading contemporary tango orchestras of Argentina.The band began playing in the classic milongas of Buenos Aires such as La Viruta or Salón Canning and started playing in the most important tango festivals and soon became an international electrotango sensation.
Tanghetto has a new “Re-Milonguero” set especially for dancers, which includes electrotango versions of tango classics (such as Bahía Blanca or Danzarín) and the most danceable Tanghetto repertoire.
In 2021 Tanghetto achieved a new nomination for Best Tango Orchestra at the Gardel Awards, the most important music award in Argentina, and its fourth nomination for the Latin Grammy Awards for Best Tango Album.
Anschliessend Milonga mit DJ Soozie